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Water Blasting
Services Auckland

The Peninsula Property Wash Team specialises in professional premium exterior cleaning services. As a family business — We understand the importance of hard work and high-quality results.

Our Services Are Budget-friendly And Time Effective

Soft House Washing

With this service, our team ensures complete removal of algae and mould, slowing down their future growth and increasing the longevity of your paint and exterior. We use low pressure and non-toxic safe chemicals.

Gutter Cleaning

Our methods ensure all down pipes flow correctly and your gutters are free of debris and unwanted materials. We’ll keep your drinking water safe to drink. We also supply and install gutter protections.

Roof Treatments

We’ll make sure your roof is treated professionally with an attractive finish. Give us a call today, we’re always happy to give you a free quote and an explanation of the materials we use during this service.

Moss Mould & Lichen Control

Our non-intrusive and non-toxic methods ensure thorough treatments that prevent rapid regrowth.

Decks & Fences

Our restoration services will transform and revamp your decks and fences. This service removes slippery mould and unwanted materials. We offer timber restoration services.

Paths Cobbles & Driveways

Waterblasting services to remove dirt and unwanted materials and revitalise your path and driveway’s colours.




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